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We are a team of seasoned vfx professionals, who have collaborated to build ProtoHype Film Works

We provide a range of creative pre and post production services, including CGI, visual effects & photography for commercials, television and film productions. We have done work for studios & production houses around the world from initial sketches and storyboards to final digital delivery on-time within their budget.

We aim to create one of the fastest growing visual effects facility with a unique working model that just may be the future defining step in this rapid industry. We have highly skilled, laser-focused, most talented and sought after people from around the vfx world with many years of experience in our team!

Our specialist team provides indispensable support to fellow visual effects studios and production houses around the world by performing as an instant, quality work fitting seamlessly into most effects pipelines and enabling studios to deliver advanced work reliably, cost effectively & efficiently, without ever worrying about software, personnel or infrastructure stress.

With our easy to work with proprietary tools & scripts, methods and technologies make typical vfx softwares perform far better than usual. We are the one of the most effective, innovative, highly-efficient, motivated studio, which destined making its own identity and destiny.